Volar Plastic

High-Speed Trimming

High-speed trimming of plastic parts

Trimming of plastic parts is performed with ABB 4400 6-axe robots using high frequency motor spindles. This enables high cutting speeds and fast feed rates to increase productivity. The technique also improves quality of cutting edges. Automatic tool change units enable complicated trimmings to be done with precision and efficiency. Our 6-axe robotics and RobotStudio programming provides increased flexibility and efficiency in production in comparison to traditional CNC-machinery.

Water-jet cutting

The cutting of soft felts and technical fibers is done with six-axe water-jet robots, which cut with speeds exceeding 100mm/s. We use two robot cells with water-jet cutting units.

High-speed trimming of aluminium parts

We trim aluminium parts which are most often used in aviation. The traditional method for trimming aluminium has been with the help of heavy-duty five-axe CNC-machines.

Airbus part processing