Volar Plastic

Cold and Hot-Pressing Methods

Cold-pressing method

Cold-pressing is a method for creating soft polyester fiber felt. In this method raw material is heated separately and then cast into shape between cool molds. Our products are made from 100% polyester PET/PES. Our standard colour selection includes off-white, light grey, dark grey and black. In decorative purposes we use an additional layer of felt or dyed woolen cloth, of which we have a selection of 50 colours.

Our cold-pressing method is at its best when efficient sound suppression is needed in unison with decorative design. Applicable products include sound absorbing wall panels, furniture parts and cushions in vehicles.

Hot-pressing method

Hot-pressing is a method used for the creation of technical fiber products. In this method plastic based binder is added into the fibrous material which is then heated and pressed in hot molds. The method is at its best in applications where specific requirements like heat-resistance or tenacity are required from the product. In addition to fibrous plastic-materials we use a range of application specific materials, like stone wool, from which we manufacture insulation for high temperature environments.

We use three hot-pressing cells, each of which sports a six-axe robot for water-jet cutting.

Voice absorbing wall panels.

Valtra tractor covering panels.