Volar Plastic


All industrial production takes a toll on natural resources. We do our part to ensure our process is as efficient as possible and puts minimal stress on the environment.

Environmentally friendly efficiency

We recycle virtually all plastic waste from our production by granulating ABS, HDPE and PS plastics into grains that are re-used as raw material in our plastic sheets. In practice 30% of our plastic sheets are made from recycled material. Plastic material unsuitable for recycling is set as energy waste, disposed of and turned into energy in a modern power plant owned by Lahti Energia. Said energy plant is the word first gas furnace running only on recycle waste.

In hot-pressing production we've switched to halogen induced heating. In comparison to traditional hot-pressing technology, halogens save approximately 50% of energy per processed kg of plastic. The efficiency of halogen technology lies in its quick adjustability and wavelength of its heat radiation.

The heating of our facility is done with air condition supplemented by modern heat pumps that capture 85% of all heat released from our production line. When temperatures reach below -6 Celsius, we apply district heating provided by Lahti Energia. Our district heating system has been renewed for efficiency and the 100+ windows of our production facility have all been switched into modern, energy-saving models.

SmartIO saves energy

In 2011 we introduced a SmartIO system to control our facility's air conditioning to minimize energy loss. The system is wireless and fully automated. Our principle of saving energy extends to our production line where machinery is frequently monitored to minimize energy waste.

We participate in the application processes for environmental certificates for a range of our products made for our customers. Recyclability of our product's packaging is another point we concern ourselves with.

Nearly all waste material gets recycled.

We constantly measure our energy consumption.