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We manage your needs in the areas of thermoforming (vacuum forming) of sheet plastic and thermopressing / thermoforming of PET felt.
We master composite solutions for various industries.
We offer 3D-scanning as in-house service.
Please get in touch and express your needs: we create and deliver to you!

Volar Plastic has acquired Purvac Oy. Purvac Oy becomes part of Volar Plastic group.

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We are Volar Plastic.

  • We know materials
  • We manage techniques
  • We search, solve and realize
  • We deliver agreed quality at agreed time
  • We are cost effective
  • We develop every day
  • We carry our responsibility


Are you in need of industrially manufactured plastic parts or assemblies? Call us or send us a message, let us fulfil your needs together

We deliver.

  • Various applications for special vehicles industry, eg. vehicle cabin upholstery parts in ABS plastic, upholstery and roof liner parts in PET felt, with surfaces in felt or fabric. External parts, eg. external roof, rear mudguard and different types of external plastic parts
  • Stylish and functional, sound absorbing and acoustically advanced solutions for furniture industry.
  • Structurally advanced composite solutions, eg. medical, aeronautical and defence industries.
  • 3D scanning services for various needs: verification and measurement of manufactured parts and / or tooling, measurement reports for PPAP and other parts approval processes, where scanned image is compared with a 3D CAD -file. In addition, reverse engineering, where a 3D CAD file is produced from a scanned image of an existing physical part.