We are Volar Plastic

We develop every day, both as a team and as individuals. We learn new and move smarter so that you get the product and service you need faster, easier and in a more cost-effective way.

We have pride and joy to serve you. We believe in power of communication. We make it better. We fulfil your requirements.


Our roots, the foundation of our experience.

The first plastic products of Volar Plastic were manufactured already in early 1950’s, when photographer at the time, mr. Eino Riihelä was in demand for plastic containers for developing photographic prints. Those were hard to get after the war, and our founder started manufacturing them by himself. This was a beginning of a long story, that leads to our operation today. Volar Plastic name was adopted in 1993. This road now being 70 years, there is indeed a sturdy foundation carefully laid.

We deliver and develop

We have two very important things written in our DNA:

Deliver at agreed time and deliver at agreed quality!

Cost effectiveness is very close to our heart, and we thrive to improve it every day we work.

We are proud of our technologies that we truly master. Our machine park is constantly evolving and we are on a continuous path of investments. We develop our systems and processes. We involve our team into this evolution. We solve together. We never get tired. We believe in continuous improvement. We are proud of what we have achieved. We are Volar Plastic.


Quality and Environment

We always take a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in our manufacturing activities. Plastic raw materials are side products of petrochemical industry. Sourcing of these materials is not creating any additional load on any ecosystems of our environment.


Quality management system

The operations at Volar Plastic Oy fulfill the requirements of quality management system ISO 9001.

Recycling and cost efficiency

We recycle nearly all the waste from our plastic sheet production into new products. The remains of ABS, HDPE and PS are granulated at our site and transformed back into production raw materials. Our raw materials consist of +/- 30% recycled content this way, on average. Production waste not suitable for recycling will be sorted for recycling into heat energy that is created at highly modern Lahti Energia – powerplant less than two kilometres away from our site. This powerplant is first in the World operating only with recycled material.

Our vacuum forming manufacturing is relying nearly 100% on halogen-based heating of plastic. This saves us nearly 50% on the electric bill compared to traditional heating units per kilogram of plastic heated. The effectiveness of halogen heating is based on the wavelength of the heat and quick adjustability.

Heating of our production site is provided with a modern air / heat pump equipped air conditioning system. A minimum of 85% of our production heat is taken to be used in heating our building. If the temperature plummets under -6 Celsius, then we source required extra heat from nearby powerplant, again using recycled materials as a source of heat.


Smart IO saves energy

We have introduced smart IO already back in 2011, to have remote control over the air conditioning and heating of our site, to minimize our electric bill. We monitor continuously the energy consumption of various devices and machines. We always consider environmental impact when making decisions on new investments.

Together with our customers we participate in their approval processes of various environmental certificates as well as recycling of packaging materials.