Composite solutions

Our 30 years of experience in composite solutions is at your disposal. Every day we learn new.

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Challenging composite solutions

We are specialized in challenging composite solutions. You will find strength, precision and finished details all top class when you are together with us.

Glassfiber, carbonfiber, aramide and mixes of these are all familiar materials to us.

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We know different resins and techniques

We have nearly 30 years of expertise in composites. We have materialized a broad spectrum of various special projects, that all have had very demanding technical properties. Fire retardant additives in resins, and totally fireproof resins are everyday life for us. One of our specialties is composite products for ultra-low temperatures (4 Kelvin). These products are used in research devices in casing of supra-conductive sensors. We master RTM injection technology as well as various infusion and vacuum techniques. We are equipped with 4 RTM injection units, two curing ovens and various other special instrumentation required in composites manufacturing.

Composite solutions on earth, sea and air

We have supplied customers with components and assemblies in various research and measurement devices. We master highly demanding documentation requirements of both aeronautical and defense industries. Medical industry has benefited from our work already since more than 20 years. We are flexible and ready to explore new grounds!

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