Thermoforming of industrial PET felt

We thermoform felt exactly per your request and desire!

Please contact us, our 25 years of experience in thermoforming of industrial PET felt is at your disposal.

We thermoform felt right into correct form

Industrial PET felt is a fabulous material, with astonishing acoustic properties.

PET felt is a modern choice of a material with high level of recycled PET bottles used as raw material.

We thermoform your extraordinary desire of form and function, then trim it with 6-axle waterjet cutting robots into stunning detail and precision.

PET felt is available in multiple colours and weights. We have plenty of experience in fire rated PET felt, both in European EN- and US ASTM standards.

Get in touch with us, you’ll be surprised on our flexibility and agility to bring your designs into life.


Thermoformed PET felt provides you a whole lot of good things

We know PET felt. Period. We have conquered it basically when pyramids were built. We understand how PET felt behaves. The high level of recycled content is very welcome thought by most players in today’s challenging world, where sustainability is the word. Our modern world is full of empty PET bottles. These bottles find a new life as PET felt. Simple. Effective. Saves the nature. On top of it, PET felt makes a great acoustical element in any space or room. If a more high-class look is looked after, we are happy to cover our felt with a high-quality wool fabric from top Scandinavian fabric manufacturers. There are tens of colour tones to choose from.

All our PET felt thermoformed parts and products are finalized and trimmed by 6 -axle water jet cutting robots. In our machine park we have three independent 6 -axle cutting robot cells, and a 2-axis CNC water jet cutter to serve you in the best way possible.

We know how to mix PET felt with other materials if required

If your desire is improved looks or sound absorption, we are able to mix PET felt with a range of other materials, to provide you with what you are after. PET felt is strong, long lasting material with a nice touch and feel to your hand. We find PET felt at its best in solutions where good looks and acoustic properties are of importance. Examples include acoustic wall panels, parts of tables and chairs as well as various upholstery parts for vehicles. We create the required tooling by CNC milling either aluminium or plywood, depending on quantity and quality needs from your side.


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