We are forerunner in robotized trimming

We master trimming by robots. It is superior in flexibility, precision and speed.

We are Finland’s leading implementer of robotized trimming in plastic industry


Trimming by robot – always precise

Our robots bring us undeniable competitive edge. On top of this, they are absolutely superior compared to trimming by hand in basically every imaginable aspect.

A robot never trims wrong. A robot never forgets. Our qualified programmers know how to master these powerful, never-tired workers.

Trimming by robot - the cornerstone of our cost-effectiveness

We swear in the name of robots when talking about trimming our vacuum formed plastic parts or thermoformed industrial PET felt parts. There is not a single product leaving our factory without being trimmed by a robot. Robots are tireless fighters, whose hands never shake. They repeat their precise movements one time after another. Period. We have developed and taken advantage of robots already since year 2000. There is 20 years of know-how and expertise. Our high-speed spindles make clear cuts. Exchangeable tools bring a multitude of versatility. Trimming by robot is unbeatable in its flexibility.


Proprietary robot integration is a sign of strength

We have built all our robot trimming stations in-house. This way we know best how they operate, and what is required to maintain them. We are independent. We know how to manage and maintain. We have a strong machine park’s maintenance division. All our robots are from the infamous ABB brand. We have full benefits from ABB Robot studio offline programming. The station does not need to be stopped for programming. Our experts do the programming offline. We save time. And money. Your money.


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