Vacuumforming / thermoforming of sheet plastic

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We are experts in vacuumforming

Our machine park consists of state-of-the-art modern machines. They are more environmentally friendly, using less energy due to precise halogen heating. All our working cells contain 6 -axle robots with high speed spindles for trimming of manufactured parts. There are a total 13 robot trimming cells. We swear in redundancy. We provide parts and assemblies as per your most detailed requirements in HDPE, ABS and PS materials.


Vacuum forming is fast, flexible and cost-effective choice for your manufacturing needs

Vacuum forming is a manufacturing method that relies on forming a thermoplastic sheet with a tooling mold, heat and vacuum suction. Raw material can be anything in between 0,5 to 8,0 mm thick plastic sheet. We offer our services with ABS, HDPE, PS, PET and PMMA plastics. These plastics cover a wide range of properties, whatever is important to you! Colour, surface pattern, resistance to physical shocks and ability to be glued are all properties which can be weighed and focused on as required by you.

Vacuum formed products can be weatherproof and lightweight. All our plastic qualities are recyclable. Vehicles, electronics and furniture industries are examples of our typical customer segments.

Speed and effectiveness with halogen heating

Our vacuumforming machines’ heating elements produce halogen light, aka. “flash” -heating. This technology is unrivalled compared to more traditional machines with conventional heating units. The machines are equipped with pyrometric sensors, that measure the surface temperature of the sheet and result in high quality with no variation between samples produced.

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